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Praxis Nik

Tim Nik – Privatpraxis für Psycho- und Sexualtherapie (nach Heilpraktikergesetz)


I am Tim Nik, a practitioner for psychotherapy (in accordance with the Heilpraktikergesetz), a business psychologist (M.Sc.), a proud dog dad and fascinated by how people experience, think and feel. I acquired my qualification as a practitioner for psychotherapy and sex therapy through in-depth training at the Academy for Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy. However, my interest in human thinking, feeling and acting began even earlier, as I worked as a business psychologist (M.Sc.) for several years in the business world, advising and supporting companies in change processes. My scientific background and my intrinsic curiosity drove me to embark on the path of psychotherapy and sex therapy. By combining psychological knowledge and therapeutic skills, I can offer you holistic and competent support to accompany you on your path to change and growth.





Stress management and

Life crises and

Couples and relationship therapy

Sexual dysfunction

Adjustment and stress disorders

Sexual preference


Typical psychotherapy or sex therapy consists of several sessions, which usually take place on a weekly basis. In the first session, I will take a detailed medical history to get to know you and gather information about you as a person and your concerns. In the following sessions, we build a therapeutic relationship in which you can talk openly about your thoughts and feelings. I use various techniques and methods to help you understand your issues and overcome challenges. The therapy usually ends when your goals have been achieved or we jointly determine that no further sessions are necessary.

Good to know: I offer counseling both in my practice in Offenbach am Main and online via video-session.

Psychotherapy is a professional therapeutic approach that helps people to understand, cope with and overcome psychological problems.

Through the use of various psychotherapeutic techniques and methods, I support you in identifying negative thought patterns, emotional stress and behavioral patterns and in bringing about positive changes.

Good to know:

My approach to therapy is based exclusively on scientific and evidence-based methods. This means that I rely on proven techniques that are based on research and clinical experience and are demonstrably effective. I distance myself from all esoteric and pseudo-scientific methods.

Sex therapy is a specialized area of psychotherapy that supports people in overcoming sexual problems and disorders.

It offers a safe space to talk about sexual issues, fears or dysfunctional patterns and to develop individual solutions. Through targeted interventions and a holistic approach, sex therapy helps to improve clients‘ sexual health, satisfaction and intimacy.

Couples therapy aims to identify and treat relationship problems in partnerships.

In couples therapy sessions, partners work together to improve communication patterns, manage conflict and build a deeper connection. The main goal is to strengthen the partnership and promote positive changes for a fulfilling relationship.


Individual Consultation
(duration: 50 minutes)

My fee for an individual consultation
is EUR 90,-.

Couples Counseling
(duration: 90 minutes)

My fee for couples therapy
is EUR 150,-.

The introductory meeting (approx. 15 minutes) is free of charge. Therapy sessions cost EUR 90 for individual therapy (duration: 50 minutes) and EUR 150 for couples therapy (duration: 90 minutes).

Good to know:

As a private practice, I offer flexible appointments without long waiting times, absolute discretion and individualized therapy (regardless of therapy method and duration).

All services are payable either in cash at the practice or in advance by bank transfer or PayPal.

Good to know:

Psychotherapeutic services are VAT-free and can be claimed for tax purposes as an additional expense or reimbursed by private insurance companies. However, my fee claim is in any case and in full to the client regardless of any payments from the health insurance company. Please enquire about the benefits provided by your health insurance company on your own responsibility and in good time.

Agreed consultation appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the appointment. If an appointment is canceled later and not used, I charge a cancellation fee of 80% of the fee, unless a replacement for the appointment can be found.

With therapie.de’s  video telephony solution, we can conduct online therapy sessions easily, securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Video telephony is free of charge. Each session is encrypted. Registration on the platform is not required.

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